Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day Care Management Software

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Daycare Manager Pro is one of the most highly respected organizational software packages on the internet because it offers you more features and functions than other daycare management software does, and it does it better!

The average daycare center owner wants the SAME kind of management solution that every other business owner has. 

They want TWO things:
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 This program allows you to:

Manage ALL of Your Daycare Center Children, Parents, and Business Operations from ONE User-friendly Software Package

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Employee Performance Reviews

What Managers Should Know About Employee Performance Evaluations

Employee Performance Reviews: Tips, Templates & Tactics
Employee Performance Reviews can be one of the best tools to boost performance, improve morale and increase productivity … if they are done well.

But too often people just fill in the forms and wonder why they didn’t get the results they were looking for. Or, they are suddenly faced by an employee in tears, or who gets angry during their performance appraisal. Or, they have to deal with a poor performer. These everyday events can trip up the most experienced managers – and derail your whole performance review process unless you know what to do.

So, where do you find out how to conduct employee appraisals that work? Most resources on the market are full of complex theories or require expensive software.… And to make it worse   they are only designed for big business – assuming massive human resource management departments and extensive administration staff to make the system run.

Small business and most managers simply don’t have the time or the money to deal with employee performance appraisals that way. And a cut-down system just doesn’t match the needs of small business and small business owners.

What you will know:

  • How to conduct probation reviews – so you can quickly get a new employee up to speed in their role (and make a better assessment on whether or not they will fit).
  • The nitty gritty stuff like – what do you say first, second and third?
  • How to deal with an employee who cries, gets angry or goes silent on you.
  • Dealing with an employee who overrates their own ability – what you need to do to bring it back into balance.
  • How to deal with learning and development?
  • Dealing with poor performers – What do you do if someone is a nice enough person but just not performing?
  • How to deal with someone deliberately breaking the rules? If you get these steps wrong you could be in for a very costly experience before the courts – it pays to get it right!


Monday, June 29, 2015

The Christian Entrepreneur’s Outlook

The Christian Entrepreneur’s Outlook

ceo single cover display-low resEven though you know the power of Jesus Christ, sometimes due to circumstances, lack of resources, or unsupportive people you may question God’s ability to grow your business idea into a profitable company.  You may have even started your business, but due to opposition or unexpected situations, become discouraged about its future. CEO – The Christian Entrepreneur’s Outlook was written for you. It will motivate you to let go of the world’s definition of success and discover the truth of God’s promises for prosperity and fulfillment when your faith and actions are directly linked to the building of His kingdom. God is not separate from your professional endeavors and He wants to see you happy and successful in a thriving career!

“Reading this book, you will get motivated to take a major faith step, but life can stare you back in the face and tell you that you are stupid to believe that God will answer your prayer. The bottom line is, GOD CAN DO IT, and He will do it if you let Him. Numbers, 23:19 states, “God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?”  Your entrepreneurial dream may seem impossible, but God can do it. Your finances might be in the worst shape that you have ever experienced in your life, but God can fix it. You might not have the education or the skill that you know is required to follow through on your dream, but God can supplement it. Will you trust Him to do it?”

Writing a Business Plan

Online Business Plan Training

business plan courseOnline Business Plan Writing Course is a comprehensive business education course that combines the latest entrepreneurial success strategies with time-honored business and management principles that banks and investors really look for before they’ll give you money.

This is an all-in-one course with tons of vital information packed into it. You not only get guidance and workbooks, but also the “inside” worksheets and “templates” that finance people seldom let out of their possession.

Furthermore, the course comes with videos that guide you through the whole process of creating your financial lending applications, as well as your business plan. They walk you through the steps, which can seem overwhelming if you’re just “left on your own” to make them.

You’ll be amazed at how this online business plan course completely “de-mystifies” the whole business-finance process – and gets you on the road to SUCCESS faster than you ever thought possible!

QuickBooks Training Video

Quickbooks University

quickbooks videosThe QuickBooks University, a set of Quickbooks tutorial videos, covers everything you need to know about QuickBooks, including how to unlock the secrets of your business, manage your costs, spend less time working on your books, and earn more money! Sounds great, huh? Imagine being able to improve your profits by up to 200%. Wouldn’t that be great? Or what if you could use QuickBooks to automate some functions of your business? How much time could that free up? 10 hours per week? 20 hours per week? Do you think your family might enjoy that extra time with you? How would that feel? Pretty good, right? Imagine being able to spend less time working “in” your business and more time working “on” your business. Or maybe actually getting face time with customers and clients instead of being locked up in your office! It truly is possible, but you need to know how.  

That’s what the QuickBooks tutorial videos from the Quickbooks University can help you to do.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Business Acumen, pt 6


While it is necessary to be decisive with KPIs, they must not be static. Flexibility is necessary in every aspect of business, including KPIs. They must change as the goals change. It is important to remember that KPIs can be improved even when they are successful, which means that they need to be reviewed and altered accordingly.

KPIs are often driven from the top down, and they are less effective when the initiative is inflexible. Allow the different departments to adjust KPIs according to their needs, and give them the authority to time implementing the KPIs so that their employees understand and embrace them. Employee buy in is essential to the KPI success. Additionally, coordinating the KPIs on a large scale can cause confusion. It is better to allow different role out times to avoid mistakes.

Strong Initiative

Showing initiative is having the ability take charge over a new or unknown situation. Having initiative is a way for employees to be more automatous in their day to day tasks. It will lead to and produce better problem solving skills. Mistakes will happen, but do not treat them as mistakes or errors, use them as learning events. Taking the responsibility to look after an issue or event by finding the answer, is what having a strong initiative is about.
Developing initiative:
·         Recognize spots for improvement.
·         Show some confidence, if you have an idea share it.
·         Look for solutions, not problems.
·         Offer to fill in when gaps occur.
·         Don’t focus on or get discouraged by mistakes, learn from them.

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Tina Oliver, M.Ed.
Networx LLC

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Business Acumen, pt 5

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Understanding when goals are reached is a necessary aspect of business acumen. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that show when goals are met. Each company will have a different set of KPIs, depending on individual business needs. Creating and managing KPIs will improve the success of your business as well as your own business acumen.


KPIs need to be developed decisively. This requires an understanding of which performances need to be measured and how they should be measured. Creating random metrics will not help gauge the effectiveness of your organization.

Decisive KPIs

·         Define areas to monitor: Determine which areas are successful and which ones need improvement.

·         Identify criteria: Brainstorm ideas, and use them to create criteria that need to be monitored. For example, criteria would include customer conversion or units per transaction,

·         Define the measurements: Create specific SMART goals to monitor. An example would be an average of three units per transaction.

Once you have decided the type of KPIs you want, you need the buy in of the stakeholders. Communicate the information decisively and make sure that everyone understands the purpose.

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Tina Oliver, M.Ed.
Networx LLC